Welcome to Gender and Communication!

The purpose of this course is to raise students’ awareness regarding the ways in which gender is created, maintained, and/or changed through cultural expectations and interaction. Students will gain theoretical insights and develop analytical skills to identify gendered expectations and to learn how such expectations serve to limit behavior for people of all genders. The course will enhance understanding of how predominant social assumptions and communication norms can devalue and silence women and other non-dominant groups, and how students can become change agents to enhance our collective lives.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Use the vocabulary of the study of gender and communication and describe how the terms of changed over time
  • Explain how gender and communication intersect in the social institutions of family, education, work, religion, and the media
  • Apply the theories and methods of the student of gender and communication to their own identity/ies and to their experiences.
  • Develop a critical framework for understanding the influential role of gender as it intersects with race, sexuality, class, physical ability, etc.
  • Analyze representations of gender and their cultural implications